Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the school?
East School
215 Hogan Drive
Torrington, CT 06790

What time does school begin and end?


















K-Grade 5



What is the arrival procedure for students?

Children walking to school or being transported by parents/guardians should not arrive before 8:50 A.M. Parents will be asked to drop off their child in the drop off area where a staff member will let your child out of the car. Please have your children ready to get out of the car prior to reaching the drop off area. For security reasons, parents are not permitted to escort their children into the building at arrival time.
Students are considered “late” at 9:00 AM. Please be aware that the doors will close at that time and students arriving after 9:00 AM will receive a late pass. It’s extremely important that your child arrive to school on time every day in order to limit the interruptions in the classroom.

What is the dismissal procedure for students?

Students being picked up from school at the end of the day will be dismissed at 3:15 PM from the cafeteria. Parents (or designee) must produce photo identification and sign student/s out. Parents should wait in the cafeteria until their student arrives from his/her classroom.
Students taking the bus will be dismissed at 3:20 PM.
To ensure the safety of all students, we strongly encourage all students to take the bus, as our parking lot becomes very congested during arrival and dismissal.

I would like to pick up my child early from school. How do I go about this?

Dismissal from school during the school day requires a note to the teacher. The student must be picked up at the main office and signed out by an adult. For both safety and security reasons, children will not be allowed to meet parents/guardians in the parking lot.

We will assume that your child will ride the bus home daily unless we receive a written notestating otherwise. Please send in a note with your child on the day of the change. Written communication must be received no later than 11:30 am. Except in cases of emergency, all changes to a child’s dismissal plan must be received in writing.

Unless in the event of an emergency, phone calls with changes will not be accepted.

How do I report an absence?

When calling the school to report your child’s absence, dial: (860)489-2303, and Press 5 when prompted. Please leave your child’s name, grade, and reason for the absence, followed by your name. Please make every effort to see that your child attends school regularly. The Torrington Board of Education’s Student Attendance Policy is accessible on the Torrington Public Schools website (www.torrington.org).

My student would like to buy lunch from the school. How can this be purchased?

East School uses a computerized program which allows parents to bank lunch money for their children. You can pre-pay any amount you choose. The money will be placed in the child’s account and will be drawn from, like a checking account, as your child buys lunch. Children will not be allowed to buy lunch unless there is money in the ‘bank’ for them. (Please see Appendix for Board of Education policy). It is the parent’s responsibility to maintain a positive account balance. To check on your child’s account balance, please call 860-489-2303, EXT 1531. Payments may be made payable to the “East School Lunch Program” and sent to school with your child. Please enclose your check or cash in a sealed envelope. Please fill out the front of the envelope with the following information: Student’s Name and Student’s ID#.
It is also possible to prepay online using a service available to parents wishing to manage their child’s lunch/breakfast account and pay via credit card. Information on how to enroll is sent home at the start of school, and also available in the reference rack located in the main foyer, as well as on the district website.
Forms for the federal lunch program are distributed to all students (grades K-5) at the beginning of the school year and must be returned, even if parents/guardians do not wish to avail themselves of this program.