School Philosophy

School Philosophy

The East School staff believes that every individual has the right to secure an education which is essential to the preservation of democracy. It is our purpose to provide experiences necessary for growth and learning. We must assist our students in the development of their physical, intellectual, and social and emotional potentials.

Our staff believes that students learn best in a happy, tranquil atmosphere in which they feel secure. The teacher must a well-trained person who thoroughly understands the needs, interests and potentials of growing youths. Teachers should seize every opportunity to increase their own effectiveness.

Our school program must be built around the learner. We must recognize that each of our students is a distinct and unique individual. To accommodate the differences in human development, our lessons must be based on many types of experiences. Our programs must be designed to meet the changing needs and interests of each student.

We believe critical thinking skills are necessary to prepare students to function in a manner which enhances their own growth and development and promotes responsible citizenship.



We Strive:

  1. To help students to learn to communicate effectively

  1. To promote learning as a lifelong, continuing process of self-development

  2. To help students develop skills, knowledge and values necessary for responsible citizenship.

  3. To develop the student's ability to understand self and to function in the environment.

  4. To encourage students to acquire habits and attitudes which have proven to be of value for health and family life.

  5. To provide opportunities for students to apply accumulated knowledge and skills to present day knowledge

  6. To promote appreciation for the rights of all persons and the responsibilities those rights carry.

  7. To encourage teachers to participate in professional development

  8. To create lessons which incorporate many kinds of learning experiences

  9. To provide instruction adapted to various learning styles

  10. To develop an appreciation for the Arts.